The Matthews Business Network is the Premier Growth Platform For Established Black and Urban Business Owners, Professionals and Non Profit Organizations.  We have more than 2200  Members and Associates in 10 Regional Chapters. including Eurasia, Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Our local chapters include New York, Washington DC, Orlando, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and the Los Angeles Metro Area.  We only allow 1 member per practice area in our “50 member local” chapters to provide exclusivity and maximize client acquisition opportunities and prosperity for of each of our members. Our members consitently get 8-10 new clients per month by practicing our ICP Client Acquisition System. We also help our members grow by promoting them on Network Television Platforms including OWN, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN, MTV and BET. Our members provide consumers with excellent services and products with integrity and passion. 

Our members consistently get 8-10 new clients per month by practicing or ICP Client Acquisition System.

We are committed to providing great consumer experiences and making urban communities great places to live, work, own a home and build a business and a career.  Please connect with our Regional Chapter Chairs and make the connection with our community now!

CEO and Founder
Mr. Stan Matthews


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